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Just a selection of passion and fun!

I love this industry - that is why I do what I do!

Between my very first paid job in 1997 and today,

I was able to work just on projects I believed in

and had the passion to bring in my knowledge and expertise.

And I won't change that!

Germanys biggest holiday resort is family operated and in a continuous change since it opened in 1972. Generations of families have been on a vacation around the castle of Dankern in one of more than 800 holiday homes.

Back in 2007 I started as a spokes person for Schloss Dankern.

Since 2021 am supporting the third owners generation in developing new ideas for the future growth of the amusement park, holiday resort and everything what is connected.

Karls Logo 2022.png

Probably the most unusual theme park company in the world - Karls operates in 2023 five amusement parks, which are related to a strawberry farmer theming. In late 2016 I was commissioned by Karls owner Robert Dahl to help him developing his first major attraction - a roller coaster for his theme park close to Berlin. As a project manager of this multi million Euro investment I helped from the first idea to the opening in April 2018 to make K2 happen: A fully themed roller coaster with a dark ride section, which explains how potato chips are made. Crazy? Indeed - but that is part of the success story of Karls!

Since 2022 I am in charge as a brand ambassador for Karls and the future expansions, as many more locations will open in Germany and even worldwide. 


Westfield Centro Shopping Center in Oberhausen Germany is a proven concept of the integration of leisure elements into a shopping center.

I have been supporting the new owner of Germanys biggest shopping center to implement new leisure attractions as well as a new operator for the 8 ha outdoor amusement park since 2016.

The integration of a Legoland Discovery Center, as well as the implementation of the Expo Hall, which was home to a Smurf exhibition and now to the House of Magic of the Ehrlich Brothers magicians has been possible due to my network.

Also a new operator for the amusement park was found due to my help.

mm Logo 2021 light - 500 px.png

Since 2000 I am producer of videos and photos for amusement and water parks as well as ride suppliers and founder of movemotions productions.

From China over to Brunei and Vietnam, from Sweden to Sicily, from the USA to Mexico: We work all around the world and captured the emotions of excited guests and riders in promotional videos and photos. 

A trackless darkride system from ETF at the Munich based film studio needed to make room for a new attraction at the end of the season 2020. The tourist attraction contacted me to find a new owner for that ride system within a very short time period. I was able to find a buyer within a few month. The ride reopened as Drachen Magic at Magic Park Verden in Germany. 

My work for Waterland is under a Non Disclosure Agreement - quite common for my daily work.

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