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Not a poem

*loves red
*wears a hat

*hotels analyst

Always hear both sides of the story!
Christian's motto since 1993!

It all started in 1998 when I was asked to help develop a dark ride for World EXPO 2000 in Hanover, Germany. Still a student but passionate about theme parks and roller coasters, my first client, facts & fiction, was sure I was the right person to support their project.

The ride was one of the most loved attractions at the expo, and it was​ one of three pavilions with the highest capacity!  Maybe Japan could need some help after their Expo 2020 Dubai experience in that? :-)

With that Expo project, it went off - like a roller coaster released on the top of the lift hill...

I still studied social sciences at the University of Duisburg-Essen,  but that project made me hungry for more.

To make it short: 

Also, in 1998, I was asked to start as an editor for the magazine Kirmes & Park Revue, which I did for about three years. My first interview as an editor was with Mr. von Landsberg-Velen from Germany's biggest Holiday Resort, Schloss Dankern. I could not have dreamed that I would work for Schloss Dankern only nine years later.

Also, in 1998, I partnered with Frank Hinrichs as Leisure Consulting - my first official company.

In cooperation with Net-Up, we implemented the very first online ticket system for amusement parks, at least in Europe - we still believe worldwide, and no one has proven us wrong. It was installed with Warner Bros. Movie World Germany, today known as Movie Park Germany.

Being the first with something we believed in was sometimes a good business case. Those days, Europa Park was not convinced that the website Frank did for Warner Bros. Movie World and Six Flags Europe was something they should also invest money in.

Also, our approach around 2000 to sell waterless urinals was not listened to by any amusement park we talked to. Nowadays, online tickets, websites, and waterless urinals are widespread worldwide.

Together with facts & fiction and Norbert Altenhöner, I started the first web-based news website about theme parks around 1999. was bilingual, and we had the most important owners of theme parks and manufacturers as our readers.

2000 marked the most memorable year for my work ever since. Besides the successful Expo 2000 ride opening, I was asked by Sascha Budde, Michael Badelt, and Jens Scheberg to join their European Coaster Video project. The idea was to produce high-quality videos about Europe's most crucial roller coasters and sell them as a VHS - and later DVD - worldwide. My job was to convince the park owners about the video production and get approval to film the rides during opening hours. Please note: GoPros and YouTube were unknown that days, so our biggest challenge was to mount a professional camera safely on all these different coaster trains!

The final product was named European Coaster Thrills  and was a Hugh success - and also the starting point for what I still do today with movemotions production

Worldwide professional video and photo productions for various leisure destinations, rides, spas, resorts, roller coasters, and more.

At the end of 2000, Frank and I were in charge of selling the dark ride of the Expo to someone. A deadline was coming when everything needed to be gone in the Expo area. 

We sold the ride to Gottlieb Löffelhardt, the owner of Phantasialand and Mirabilandia, in those days within weeks.

2001 Petra Probst wanted to found her magazine about the amusement industry and asked me if I wanted to be on the team from the very first day. So, Euro Amusement Professional was a big part of my work days until 2015. I traveled even more worldwide and visited many trade shows, conferences, and association meetings every year.

2002 Oscar Bruch Jr. asked me to support his newly opened Centro. I did the PARK amusement park in Oberhausen for the upcoming five years.

2007, I started to work with Friedhelm von Landsberg-Velen, the son and owner of Schloss Dankern, Germany's biggest holiday resort, as a spokesperson. 

When Oscar Bruch 2011 ended his lease contract for the park, I was asked to find a new operator, the owner of Centro Oberhausen. I convinced Merlin Entertainments to take over the park, so they also placed Legoland Discovery Center on a small part of the former amusement park.

As a consequence of the growing demand for ride and attractions videos, which came in from roller coaster suppliers since our release of the DVD European Coaster Thrills, movemotions was founded in 2012: A professional media agency just for amusement parks, water parks and suppliers of rides and attractions all over the world. 

Until today, we have produced professional emotional videos for many of the leading ride and attraction manufacturers and theme and water parks worldwide.

Browsing through our long list of references, I still can't believe this all started in 2000 with four guys thinking of selling a VHS about Europe's best roller coasters.

By the way, The first company paying us to produce a video about their newest coaster is still our client. Thank you, Vekoma Rides, for trusting us now for so many years!

My experience with so many different rides and roller coasters worldwide was also the reason for my six years of work and support for Karls - the most unusual theme park operator worldwide.

Implementing the first big ride for one of Karls's five theme parks started in 2016 as a project manager for the coaster, known as K2.

Today, I am a brand ambassador for Karls and working on some secret future developments of this quickly growing company of Robert Dahl.

Unibail Rodamco Westfield, Waterland Private Equity Investments, and some other clients I can not talk about keeping me busy even during the COVID-19 years.

All clients were served with passion, dedication, and knowledge. And if you want to work with me, I am also happy to tell our story here!

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K2 coaster concept

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